New Generation Partnership

New Generation Partners is a consortium of UK charities who are working together to support New Generation Burundi (NGB). We will advocate and raise financial and practical support whilst helping undertake a capacity building programme which will deliver a stronger and more sustainable future for NGB, its staff and above all the thousands of street children it seeks to help.

Dieudonné’s Nahimana, founder of NGB, has a vision to help street children not just live a normal life, but become a new generation of leaders building a brighter future for Burundi. You can hear more about his vision by watching the film below.

You can make a donation via Street Action or Amos Trust.

For more information email or call us on 020 7588 2638.

New Generation Film

Watch this new film in which Dieudonne Nahimana explains his vision for New Generation, which goes far beyond the work they do helping children on the streets of Burundi.